Please help support that Bath High School Sailing Team! Operating a sailing team does come at a cost, and we will need to cover costs of equipment investments in order to sustain the team in the future. Our goal is to raise $3,000 for the season to help with team expenses and maintenance items for the borrowed equipment. We are also looking to start saving money to purchase a few 420 sailboats in the near future, which cost about $12,000 per boat. Each season, we also are looking to be able to offset some of the costs for the sailors for participating in order to make this opportunity available to more students. We need your help to sustain and grow the sailing team at Bath High School!


We are trying to save money for a few large equipment purchases for the team. Some of these items include:

  • Multiple 420 Sailboats ($12,000 new/$6000 used EACH)
  • Multiple sets of Club 420 Sanctioned Sails ($1,100 EACH)
  • Coach Boat ($45,000 new/$20,000 used)
  • Multiple Dry Suits ($500 EACH)
  • Multiple pairs of Dinghy Boots ($80 EACH)
  • Multiple Sailing Life Jackets ($80 EACH) – [4 life jackets donated in 2021 – Thank you Sponsors!]
Brendan Falkowski and Ethan Wicks round the mark towards the finish line